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The Journey Begins

HoneyQween Lemonade inevitably went from being a hobby to becoming a highly sought out brand.

It happened one after the other, blasting into the retail space, becoming available in various stores around Los Angeles, expanding their iconic flavor trio, and adding extra services thus quickly becoming a beverage enterprise.

Humble Beginnings

HoneyQween Lemonade begin in Leimert Park Village in 2016. Apart of the original food vendors that would vend weekly for Drum Circle Sundays and monthly Art Walk Festivals.

 The delicious and refreshing taste quickly made a name for itself with it's intriguing and unlikely flavor pairings becoming an instant favorite in the community. 


honeyqween juice bar 

On July 9th , we celebrated the opening of our storefront here in Los Angeles. 

We're located right across the way from where our business begin, Leimert Park. 

This is just the beginning and we're

excited about the expansion!


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