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Common Sense “SuperLax” is a potent colon cleanser and protector. It will help to overcome even the toughest problems with the bowel. It is extra helpful when you are on a fast. It is non-habit forming. This combination includes the following ingredients: SENNA LEAVES is the strongest herbal laxative for the hard-to-move person and is excellent for bad breath. CASCARA SAGRADA BARK is the bark of a tree. Its name means “sacred covering” and it is the world’s most intelligent herbal laxative. It works via the liver and gallbladder and is non-habit-forming. The bitter gall of the gallbladder is the detergent for the colon and it strengthens the gallbladder. The gallbladder releases the bile through the small intestines and enters the colon, giving the colon its peristalsis action, which begins moving the waste off the colon wall. SLIPPERY ELM BARK is one of the most important herbs in Common Sense “SuperLax” because it provides a protective coating for the colon wall. The colon wall is where most of our health troubles begin because when there is no protection, the waste from the colon leaks directly into the bloodstream. Therefore, Slippery Elm may be referred to as “nature’s acidophilus”. FENNEL SEED We use it in Common Sense “SuperLax” for its ability to dispel gas as the colon is cleansed. is a great appetite suppressant and helpful for cramps, joint discomfort, food poisoning, and stomach problems (of all kinds). PSYLLIUM HUSK is the fiber/bulking agent that causes the sweeping effect off the walls, floor, and ceiling of the colon. ACIDOPHILUS BIFIDUS is a man-made (all organic materials) protective coating for the colon wall that is not made with any milk products, sugar, or artificial coloring.


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